Model: 2500 - 3750 VE
Standard Features
  • Remote double show case
  • Head cabinet option
  • Possibility of providing single or double superstructure
  • Refrigerating temperature alternatives for 0oC, -18oC, -25oC
  • Polyurethane injected body
  • Double evaporator in the well (including exp. valve)
  • Bumper
  • Air Circulation
Model: 2500 - 3750
Standard Features
  • Combined vertical cabinet
  • Polyurethane injected body
  • Evaporator in the well (including exp. valve)Three adjustable wire shelves
  • Bumber
  • Air circulation
Model: 2500 - 3750
Standard Features
  • Remote hozirantal single show case
  • High performance, modern design
  • Aptional energy saving night cover
  • Air-forst system
  • Refrigeration temperature alternatives of 0oC,- 18oC, -25oC
Standard Features
  • Refrigerated wall unit with excellent product display facilitation providing a much higher sales rate than traditional cabinets.
  • The new look provided by the rounded style of the line, the larger glass panels and complete remake of the doors and open-view backs create an avant-grade image
  • The cabinet is modular and can be used multiplexed, blending perfectly with the Meric Line supermarket units. Available in 2 different versions.