Standard Features
  • Plug-in promotional island cabinet
  • Mobile designed
  • Polyurethane injected body
  • Stainless steel bumper
  • Ergonomic design
Standard Features
  • Neva self service is ideal for displaying of deli meats, Cheese and fresh meats
  • This counter provides the maximum visibility of the goods on display
  • Availability of curved corners with spherical glass
  • Front stainless steel bumper is designed as an optional feature
Standard Features
  • New Cubic Design with flat glass make the counter more useful and practical for supermarkets and also provides better display thanks to the wide screen
  • Front stainless steel bumper is designed as an optional feature.
Standard Features
  • Integral multideck wall cabinet
  • Polyurethane injected body
  • Removable shelves are adjustable in height (25mm pitch) and angle with plastic label holder
  • Air circulation provided to be same between shelves
  • Low and high base alternatives
  • Plastic bumper
  • Night blinds
  • Ergonomic design
Optional Features
  • Under Shelf Lighting (T5)
  • Plexi front risers
  • Stainless steel shelves and real panels
  • Different interior painting