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We are specialized in designing, supplying, manufacturing, erection, commissioning and maintaining of quality cold rooms and related equipments & services. We make rooms in temperature range +16 Degree Celsius to -50 Degree Celsius.
Industrial Cold Rooms
Coolpoint is a design build industrial refrigeration Equipment. We provide a full line of services to meet the needs of the industrial refrigeration marketplace. Our goal is to be your single source supplier of refrigeration services.

Over the years, our organization has successfully demonstrated these abilities to many accounts. We have dedicated our efforts to setting industry standards in quality and service.

Centralized System
Coolpoint industrial cold rooms vary in size from small industrial kitchen units to major turn-key distribution centers, processing plants for food, meat & seafood. Fully gasketed panels are made in varying thickness from 50mm to 200mm to suit the application, guarding against energy loss and allowing exacting temperature control.

Refrigerated Transport System
Coolpoint has manufactured refrigerated truck bodies to ranging 1 ton pick-ups to 5 ton trucks including various chiller/freezer combinations.

The roof and side panels on trucks can be offered in many surface coatings. However, the standard product is supplied with smooth finish PVC coated external skins of 0.7mm thickness. The internal surface has a coating of PVC plastisol 200 micron thickness which has excellent abrasion resistance and is food safe. Front walls are reinforced with hardwood as required to support the heavy refrigeration equipment.
Skid Mounted Cold Room & Container Refrigeration
Coolpoint manufactures Portable cold rooms to suit each client's specific needs, including all electrical and refrigeration requirements. We even convert containers in to cold rooms to any temperature for the convenient way of transportation.

Panels ranging in thickness from 50mm to 200mm guarantee against energy loss and allow exacting temperature control.
Flake & Block Ice Plant
Coolpoint Ice Machines are compact units with an optimum performance compared to size and produce flake & block ice from salt water and fresh water.

The ice machines are available at various capacities and can be placed where needed in the production. Capacities range from 3 to 70 tons per day. The ice is mixed amongst the products and the product will cool down quickly thanks to the big surface of each iceflake.

One specialty of our program are flake ice plants completely installed inside 20 or 40-ft. containers ready for immediate startup after connecting the water supply and the electricity. This application is highly appreciated in concrete batching plants were the refrigeration equipment has to be protected carefully.

Walk-in Chillers-Freezers
Coolpoint manufactures commercial walk-in chillers & freezers, remote and self-contained units, modular, custom built walk-in coolers, temperature controlled rooms, and refrigerator monitoring systems.

Cold rooms are manufactured to the exact specifications with a series of quality-control procedures by a selected team of factory-trained professionals.

Coolpoint provides the entire walk-in package including the refrigeration system, doors, strip curtains, ramps, and shelving. Top of the line accessories are used to compliment our walk-ins.